Species Identification Resources


The first step to successful wildlife recording is working out what species have been seen! There are a plethora of free species identification resources available online, some of which we have linked to below. These include websites, pdfs and social media accounts.

If you know of any species identification resources missing from the below list, please contact us.


We have a spreadsheet of Welsh species names (where available) which you can download here.


Resources covering multiple species groups

SEWBReC Facebook Group


Field Studies Council ID Resource Finder

Steven Falk Flickr ID guides

Eakring Birds

iSpot Keys


UK Safari

Royal Entomological Society Out of Print Handbooks

Richard Comont Blog

Online Keys

Database of Insects and their Food Plants

List of National Schemes

SEWBReC YouTube Playlists



Flora of Monmouthshire by Trevor Evans (complete book on Issuu)

Rare Plant Register for Monmouthshire (2023) pdf / also available on Issuu

BSBI Plant Identification Resources

BSBI Flora Search

National Plant Monitoring Scheme Online Training

British Wildflowers

Wild Flower Finder

Orchid Identification Guide

Brambles of the British Isles

Brambles Facebook Group

Key to British and Irish Rubus Species (draft)

Dandelions Facebook Group

Key to British Carex

Key to Groups of British Grasses

Punch-card Key to Grasses

Key to Vegetative Grasses

British Trees

Key to Urban Trees

Conifers of Britain

British Pteridological Society


Glamorgan Botany Facebook Group

Monmouthshire Botany Facebook Group

YouTube Playlist of Flowering Plant Courses

YouTube Playlist of Lower Plant Courses


Mosses & Liverworts

British Bryological Society ID Resources

Glamorgan Bryophytes Facebook Group



British Lichens

British Lichen Society

Lichens of Wales

Lichens on Twigs

Dorset Lichens

Scottish Lichens

YouTube Playlist of Lichen Courses


Plant Galls

British Plant Gall Society

Oak Galls in Britain

Plant Galls Flickr Group

British Plant Galls Facebook Group

Leafminers and plant galls of Europe



Agromyzidae of Great Britain & Ireland

Agromyzidae Recording Scheme Twitter account

British Leafminers

UK Fly Mines

British Leafminers Facebook Group

Leafminers and plant galls of Europe


Fungi & Slime Moulds

British Mycological Society Keys

First Nature

UK Fungi Forum

A Photo Fungi

Waxcap Website

Macrofungi Genera Key (draft)

Geoglossum Key

Scutellinia Key

Glamorgan Fungus Facebook Group

YouTube Playlist of Fungi Courses



Mammal Society

Bat Conservation Trust

Sea Watch Foundation

Beginners guide to identifying British mammal bones

Whose Poo

YouTube Playlist of Mammal courses




RSPB Bird identifier


British Bird Songs


Key to Waders

South Wales Birding Facebook Group

YouTube Playlist of Bird courses


Amphibians & Reptiles

ARC Amphibian Identification Guide

ARC Reptile Identification Guide



Steven Falk Flickr Amphibians

Steven Falk Flickr Reptiles

YouTube Playlist of Amphibian and reptile courses



Sea Watch Foundation


Marine Species Identification Portal

Encyclopedia of Marine Life

Shark Trust Eggcase Hunt

Echinoid Directory

Sponges of Britain & Ireland

British Marine Isopods

Marine Isopod Recording Scheme

British Marine Mollusca Facebook Group

Identification Of Intertidal Polyzoa

Jellyfish ID Card

Key to Coastal Diatoms

Key to Sea Spiders (Pycnogonids)

A Guide To The British Coastal Mysidacea (Opposum Shrimps)

Seasearch Identifications Facebook Group

NMW Spotter Guides inc Seaweed and Seashells


Algae (including Seaweed, Stoneworts and Diatoms)

Key to Seaweed Genera

Key to British Brown Seaweed

Key to Red Seaweeds

Big Seaweed Search


Seaweeds Facebook Group

BSBI Charophytes (Stoneworts) resources (including a key to common species)

Freshwater Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland

Diatom Flora


Coleoptera (Beetles)

UK Beetle Recording

Steven Falk Flickr Beetles

Guides to British Beetles

Mark Gurney Weevil Guides

Mike's Insect Keys: British Beetles

Richard Comont Blog

Beetles Attracted to Light

Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project

Field Key to Soldier Beetles

A guide to British soldier beetles

Beetles of Britain and Ireland Facebook Group

Weevils of Britain Facebook Group

Longhorn Beetle Facebook Group

Ladybirds of UK Facebook Group

YouTube Playlist of Beetle Courses


Hemiptera (True Bugs)

British Bugs

Rockwolf (Shieldbug life stages)

Steven Falk Flickr True Bugs

Mike's Insect Keys: True Bugs

Auchenorrhyncha Recording Scheme

Aphid Identification

Key to British Froghoppers

Lifestages of British shieldbugs

Richard Comont Blog

Scale Insects of Britain

Psyllids of Norfolk (excludes some species found in Wales)

Heteroptera Facebook Group

UK Hemiptera Facebook Group


Orthoptera & Allies (Grasshoppers, Bush-crickets, Groundhoppers, Earwigs, Cockroaches, Stick-insects)

Grasshoppers, Groundhoppers and Bush-crickets

Earwigs, Cockroaches and Stick-insects

A Guide to the Orthoptera and Dermaptera of Shropshire

Shropshire Earwigs

Steven Falk Flickr Cockroaches

Steven Falk Flickr Orthoptera

iRecord Grasshoppers App

Orthoptera Calls on Xeno-canto

UK Orthoptera Facebook Group


Lepidoptera (Moths & Butterflies)

UK Butterflies

Butterfly Conservation: Identify a Butterfly

Butterfly Conservation: Identify a Moth

UK Moths

What's Flying Tonight

Moth Dissection Guide

Moth Dissection

Lepidoptera Dissection Group

British Lepidoptera

UK Leps

British Leafminers

Micro Moth Larvae

British Phyllonorycter Key

British Pugs Key

Gelechiid Recording Scheme

Common Micro-moths of Berkshire (free e-book)

Illustrated Guide to British Caterpillars

Caterpillars UK Facebook Group

YouTube Playlist of Moth & Butterfly courses


Hymenoptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants & Sawflies)

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Steven Falk Flickr Bees

Mike's Insect Keys: Hymenoptera

BWARS (Bees, Wasps & Ants Recording Scheme)

UK Bees, Wasps & Ants Facebook Group

Key to Nomada bees (test version)

The Sawflies of Britain and Ireland

Sawfly Caterpillars

British & Irish Sawflies Facebook Group

Beginner’s Guide to Identifying British Ichneumonids

Key to Subfamilies of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera)

British Ichneumonidae Facebook Group

Social Wasp Guide

Key to Common French Ants

Quick Ant Guide

Cambridgeshire Bees,Wasps and Ants


YouTube Playlist of Bee courses

YouTube Playlist of Wasp courses


Diptera (True Flies)

Dipterists Forum

Dipterists Forum Facebook Group

Dipterists Forum Recording Schemes

UK Diptera Facebook Group

Steven Falk Flickr Diptera

A Key To The Families Of British Diptera

Mike's Insect Keys: British Diptera

British Scathophagidae

Craneflies of the World

Cranefly Recording Scheme Twitter account

Cranefly Recording Scheme Facebook Group

Cribsheet for Nephrotoma ("tiger" craneflies)

Cribsheet for woodland Limonia craneflies

Cranefly Recording Scheme webpage

Soldierflies and Allies

British Soldierflies Facebook Group

Tachinid Recording Scheme

Tachinid Recording Scheme Facebook Group

Horse Flies

Conopids Facebook Group

Blow Flies Facebook Group

Flesh Flies Facebook Group

UK Hoverflies Facebook Group

UK Hoverflies Larval Facebook Group

Richard Comont Blog

YouTube Playlist of Fly Courses


Odonata (Dragonflies & Damselflies)

British Dragonfly Society

Steven Falk Flickr Odonata

Glamorgan Odonata list

UK Dragonflies & Damselflies Facebook Group


Freshwater Invertebrates

Freshwater Invertebrates Key

The Riverfly Partnership

Riverfly Recording Schemes

Mike's Insect Keys: Mayflies

Key to Mayflies

Mike's Insect Keys: Caddisflies

Caddisfly Catalogue

Cladocera Interest Group

Key to Cladocera (in French)

YouTube Playlist of Aquatic Invertebrate Courses


Collembola (Springtails)

UK Collembola taxonomy and ecology


Springtails of the Netherlands

UK Collembola Facebook Group


Arachnids (Spiders, Harvestmen, Pseudoscorpions, Ticks & Mites)

Spider Recording Scheme

Families of British Spiders Key

Steven Falk Flickr Arachnida

Spiders of Europe

Spiders of Belgium and France

Spiders of North-West Europe

World Spider Catalog

British Spider Identification Facebook Group

British Spiders Facebook Group

Harvestmen of Britain and Ireland FSC Identikit

Dutch Harvestmen

Paul Richards Flickr UK Harvestmen

UK Harvestman Facebook Group

Arthropedia: Harvestmen

Harvestmen of Norfolk (excludes some species found in Wales)

UK Pseudoscorpions

Pseudoscorpions UK Facebook Group


Bristol University Tick ID

YouTube Playlist of Spider & Harvestman courses



The Earthworm Society of Britain

Earthworm Identikit

Common British Earthworms Key

Earthworms UK Facebook Group



Other Invertebrates

Mike's Insect Keys: Barkflies

National Barkfly Recording Scheme

Lacewings and Allies Recording Scheme

Identification of Scorpion Flies

Mike's Insect Keys: Thrips

Thrips of the British Isles

Thrips Damage and Plant Injury


Conchological Society

Land & Freshwater Mollusca Facebook Group

NMW Spotter Guides inc pond snails

British Myriapod and Isopod Group

Introduction to the Identification of the Woodlice

Isopods and Myriapods of Britain and Ireland Facebook Group

Soil Biodiversity UK

Soil Biodiversity UK Facebook Group

Key to Cave Life in Britain

YouTube Playlist of Invertebrate Courses