SEWBReC Equipment & Books Lending Scheme


SEWBReC has books and equipment which are available for Recorders to use at our offices in Talbot Green, or to borrow for limited periods of time. We generally loan out items for a month at a time (2 weeks for Moth Lures), but will adjust this to circumstances.


Items available include:

  • Guidebooks and keys on numerous British species groups
  • Mains powered Heath Moth Traps
  • Battery powered Bucket Moth Traps
  • Clearwing Moth Lures (*new for 2024*)
  • Dissection Microscopes
  • Field equipment such as beating trays, nets and collection pots
  • Chemicals and lab equipment for dissection and preservation


You can download a full list of our resources here.

If you are interested in making use of any of these books or equipment, please contact us to arrange a suitable date for collection via email


If you are an experienced recorder, or want to use equipment / books for a local wildlife group, you may like to apply for a Recording Grant to purchase your own items.