Introduction to Recording


What is wildlife recording?

Recording is the process of taking a wildlife observation and turning it into a useful, shareable piece of data by making note of four elements:

- WHAT: The species seen

- WHERE: The location name and grid reference

- WHEN: The date

- WHO: The observer name

These four aspects combine to make a record, which can be added to the SEWBReC database. We love records of all species (no matter how common), ideally sent in via our online database, the LERC Wales App or via Excel.

You can learn more about recording with our Introduction to Recording course on YouTube.


Who can get involved in wildlife recording?

Everyone! SEWBReC actively encourages the recording of wildlife and is always interested in receiving additional records. It is possible to make useful records with no specialist knowledge. If you are unsure of your identification, take a look at our Species Identification Resources or join our Facebook group for advice from staff and other recorders.


How do I get started?

We recommend that new recorders sign up to our online recording database and/or download the LERC Wales App. Once you have an account set up, it is quick and easy to add your observations. Take a look at our YouTube guides for more information.


How else can I get involved?

There are lots of ways for newcomers to get involved in the wildlife recording world:

- Watch our Introduction to Recording course for a broader overview of wildlife recording and SEWBReC

- Join the SEWBReC mailing list for regular updates on wildlife recording in south east Wales

- Follow SEWBReC on social media, and join our Facebook group to connect with other wildlife recorders

- Check out our events page for local and national nature events

- Join a local wildlife group

- Get involved in wildlife activities such as structured surveys

- Explore Welsh wildlife data on Aderyn

- Volunteer for SEWBReC

- Look out for our Species of the Month or visit one of our Squares of the Month