Non-commercial Data Requests


Data requests from members of the public and students are usually dealt with free of charge, provided they are for non-commercial purposes*, and are in the interests of nature conservation.

We encourage the use of public access to Aderyn (LERC Wales' Biodiversity Information & Reporting Database) for non-commercial enquiries whenever possible. This tool allows public users to access LERC Wales data in the form of a species list for their area (What's in my Area?) and as national distribution maps for any (non-sensitive) species (Distribution Maps).

If the public tools on Aderyn do not meet your requirements please complete a Non-commercial Data Enquiry and Release Form with your requirements and send it to

Download a non-commercial DERF


Student and Educational Enquiries

SEWBReC can provide data for set areas or species for students and educational use. Students should read this guide before completing a non-commercial DERF.


Landowner Enquiries

If you own an area of land managed for conservation and wish to see if we hold any data for it, please submit a non-commercial DERF.


Individual Wildlife Recorder Enquiries

If you target your recording on a particular species group or geographical area, it can be extremely helpful to see the existing data. Aderyn public access may be suitable for your purpose, but if you require full records, please complete a non-commercial DERF.


Vice County Recorders / Verifiers

Vice County Recorders / scheme verifiers can be set up with special access on Aderyn, allowing you to view all current data for your species group. Please contact us if you would like to get this set up.


National Schemes and local Wildlife Groups

We can provide data to national recording schemes, atlas projects, wildlife groups (such as bat groups and bird clubs), etc. free of charge. We may request a Data Exchange Agreement, so that we can share data both ways. Please contact us to discuss.


Unitary Authority, Welsh Government and other SLA Enquiries

Please see our Enquiry Service page for more information.


Other Enquiries

Organisations, researchers and others who require a large amount of data for a specific project should contact us to discuss their requirements and potential costs.

If you are applying for funding for a project, e.g. via the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we strongly encourage you to include your data costs in your proposed budget at an early stage; please contact us for a quote.


*Please note that SEWBReC regards all forms of property development (including purchasing a property) as a commercial activity, and there will be a charge for any information provided (you can download the charging policy here).