Local and National Surveys


Local Surveys

See our contacts and links section for information about the many wildlife groups and societies actively recording in the south Wales area.


Spot the Tree Sparrow

Ghost Slug Project


National Surveys



Nature’s Calendar

Track a Tree


Reptiles & Amphibians

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation: Add an Adder

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation: Alien Encounters

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation: National Amphibian & Reptile Recording Scheme (NARRS)

Freshwater Habitats Trust: Big Spawn Count



RSPB: Big Garden Birdwatch

RSPB: Swift Survey

BTO: Core Surveys

BTO: More Surveys



Vincent Wildlife Trust: Polecat Survey

Welsh Government: Badger Found Dead Survey

Bat Conservation Trust: National Bat Monitoring Programme

People's Trust for Endangered Species: Great Nut Hunt (Dormice)

People's Trust for Endangered Species: National Hedgehog Survey

People's Trust for Endangered Species: Living With Mammals

People's Trust for Endangered Species: Mammals on Roads

The Mammal Society: National Owl Pellet Survey

The Mammal Society: Footprint Tunnel Survey



People's Trust for Endangered Species: Great Stag Hunt

The Riverfly Partnership: Stonefly Surveys

The Riverfly Partnership: Mayfly Surveys

The Riverfly Partnership: Caddisfly Surveys

Biological Records Centre: National Barkfly Recording Scheme

British Dragonfly Society: Dragonfly Recording Network

Buglife: Oil Beetle Survey

Bumblebee Conservation Trust: Bee Walk

Bumblebee Conservation Trust: Bee Watch

Butterfly Conservation: Big Butterfly Count

National Insect Week (biennial surveys; next event 2016)

National Moth Night

Grasshoppers and Related Insects Recording Scheme of Britain and Ireland

Garden Moth Count (annual survey)

Harlequin Ladybird Survey

UK Ladybird Survey

UK Glow Worm Survey



National Plant Monitoring Scheme

Natural History Museum: Urban Tree Survey

The Woodland Trust: Ancient Tree Hunt

People's Trust for Endangered Species: Traditional Orchard Survey


Marine / Aquatic

The Shark Trust: Great Eggcase Hunt

The Shark Trust: Basking Shark Photo Identification Project

The Shark Trust: Angler Recording

The Shark Trust: Skates and Rays

The Shark Trust: Whale Sharks


Invasive Species

Mitten Crab Recording Project

Recording Invasive Species Counts (RISC)