Wales Garden BioBlitz 2021


On Saturday 29th May 2021, the four Welsh LERCs teamed together to organise the second Wales Garden BioBlitz, part of Wales Nature Week. Many thanks to everyone who helped with our national nature hunt!

The day resulted in 2687 records of 968 species being submitted (thus far). You can view the full national species list here.


The below map shows the location of all the records submitted during the day.

simple map


The below heat map reflects the number of records at different locations (brighter colour = more records).

heat map


We recieved records for all thirteen Vice Counties in Wales, as shown in the table below.



The below table shows the national top 10 species by number of records.



Below is a pie chart showing the breakdown of total species by taxonomic group.



We had 156 wonderful recorders get involved across Wales, the top ten most prolific recorders are shown below.



During the BioBlitz we had 9 target species on our BioBingo card. Unfortunately no one managed to see all 9, but well done to everyone who got part way there! Below is a table of those who recorded 3 or more of the BioBingo species.



SEWBReC Results

On a local level, we had 65 recorders submit 1115 records of 556 species. You can download the SEWBReC species list here.


The below table shows the top ten (actually 11!) SEWBReC species.


The below table shows the top ten SEWBReC recorders.