Gwent Biodiversity Blitz Day 2011 - Penhow Woodlands


Penhow Woodlands, located to the east of Newport, consists of ancient semi-natural woodland covering the slopes and summits of limestone hills. The site is surprisingly under recorded, considering its designation as both a National Nature Reserve (NNR) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This may be due to the difficult access to the site, and lack of parking facilities, which we managed to overcome thanks to a friendly local farmer allowing us to park in his yard! There was a reasonable turn out of 11 attendees with an excellent range of expertise present, resulting in a species list of 211 for the day. Of these, 165 species had not previously been recorded on site, an impressive 78% of our total. Despite a gloomy start resulting in sluggish invertebrate activity(pardon the pun!) during the morning, the arrival of the sun in the afternoon ensured there was plenty to see.

Species list for the day

Photographs from the day can be viewed in our Facebook album