Glamorgan Biodiversity Blitz Day 2011: Wenvoe Orchid Fields


Our Glamorgan blitz took place at Wenvoe Orchid Fields, a community managed site to the west of Cardiff. As well as the orchid fields, we were also offered a unique opportunity to survey the adjacent Whitehall Quarry, a landfill site which is generally closed to public access. There was an excellent turn out of 20 bright eyed and bushy tailed attendees, with again an excellent range of expertise and knowledge present. Another slow and gloomy start didn't stop our naturalists gathering a brilliant total of 469 species for the day. Wenvoe Orchid Fields are relatively well recorded, but we still managed to discover 235 new species, a brilliant 50% of our total.

Species list for the day

Photographs from the day can be viewed in our Facebook album.