Data Enquiries


SEWBReC can provide data in various ways, depending on the data required and the circumstances of the data user. Please select from the below options for specific information about the different enquiry types.

You can check that you are sending your data enquiry to the correct Welsh LERC by using the Welsh LERC finder tool.

Commercial data enquiries (prices from £110 plus VAT)

Bats And Roof-nesting Bird enquiries [BARBs] (£100 plus VAT)

Non-commercial (public/student) enquiries



Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will it Take?

Standard Data Enquiries

We will provide a quote to you within five working days of receipt of a completed DERF. Once the quote is accepted, we will provide your report within ten working days.

During our busy periods, it may therefore take a total of 15 working days from submission to completion. Please make allowances for this when planning your enquiry.

BARB Enquiries

You will receive your Aderyn report within five working days of receipt of a completed BARB form.

Fast Track Enquiries

If you require information sooner than the standard 15 working days and we have to prioritise your enquiry over others, there will be an extra charge of £100.00 plus VAT on top of the original quote. The Fast Track Service turnaround is 1-3 working days from acceptance of quote. A quote will be provided on a same day basis whenever possible. Please tick the Fast Track Service box when completing the DERF, and also state in your email that you require this service.

Non Commercial (Public / Student) Enquiries

You will receive your report within fifteen working days of receipt of a completed DERF.


What Information Will I Receive?

Standard responses to a commercial data request usually contain:

  • A report providing details of records of species within the specified search area, plus information on statutory and non-statutory designations within the area.
  • A Geographic Information System (GIS) plot or GIS layers showing the locations of the species records with their grid references and any designated sites within your search area.
  • A GIS plot of an extract of the CCW Phase I Habitat Maps (GIS layer for Phase I Habitats is not available from SEWBReC).


BARBs and Non-commercial responses are generally provided via Aderyn.

From 1st December 2019, all commercial responses will be provided via Aderyn.


How can I Share/Use the Data Provided by SEWBReC?

Raw data must not be shared beyond individuals listed on page 2 of a DERF / BARB. Some plots may be shared, depending on the content. Data must be destroyed / deleted after 12 months. Please read our Guidelines for SEWBReC Data Use document (PDF) for further information.


How Can I Prove a SEWBReC Data Search has been Carried Out?

On occasion we have been asked how a consultant could prove that they have undertaken a SEWBReC data search without sharing the raw data supplied by SEWBReC. We now provide you with a unique reference number which you can quote in all correspondence and within your ecological report. This reference number will prove that you have undertaken a SEWBReC data search, as any interested parties (e.g. a Local Planning Authority) can contact SEWBReC direct to confirm a data search was carried out.