Guidelines for the Completion of the Data Enquiry and Release Form (DERF)


  1. Please provide a name, organisation and full contact details. Please also provide the relevant invoice contact name and address, if this differs from the main contact details (this must be within the same company as we cannot invoice third parties). If applicable, please also provide a purchase order number.
  2. Additional names of clients, agents and colleagues (from other sections or departments of your organisation) who will access data provided by SEWBReC MUST be added to the form. This section is compulsory - if this section is not completed satisfactorily, it may delay the processing of your enquiry.
  3. Please provide a site name and grid reference and/or attach a map with a clear site boundary. Information on using grid references can be found here. Please make sure that the grid reference and site name has been filled in correctly, as the searches will be based on the information that you provide.
  4. Select the information that you require. If you choose the 'selected species' option, please ensure you specify which species you would like us to search for e.g. great crested newt or dormouse. As standard we supply records of all ages; please tick "recent records" if you only require records from the last 10 years.
  5. State the size of the search buffer, which will be placed around your specified site boundary or grid reference, that you require. Ideally, please specify a single search buffer or a maximum of three different search buffers. The minimum buffer we recommend is 500m, but it can be set to any size.
  6. Select which output format you require. A Word / PDF report is standard; an Excel report is an option, but may increase the quotation due to additional processing time.
  7. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and sign and date the form.
  8. Carefully check that the form is correct and send to SEWBReC via post, email or fax.


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