Torfaen County Borough Council

Torfaen CBC Senior Ecologist Steve Williams

Torfaen CBC Ecologist Kris Roberts

Find details of the LBAP here.


VC 35 Recorder for Birds Tom Chinnick Gwent Ornithological Society

VC 35 Recorder for Butterflies & Macro-moths Martin Anthoney Butterfly Conservation

VC 35 Recorder for Micro-moths & Bryophytes Sam Bosanquet

VC 35 Recorder for Mammals Dan Forman The Mammal Society

VC 35 Recorder for Orthoptera Steve Williams

VC 35 Recorder for Odonata Steve Preddy British Dragonfly Society

VC 35 Recorder for Plants Dr Stephanie Tyler & Elsa Wood BSBI

Gwent Amphibian & Reptile Group

Gwent Badger Group Steve Clark

Gwent Fungus Group Roger Evans

South Wales Invertebrate Group Mike Kilner / Mark Winder

Valleys Bat Group


If you require contact details, we can provide them to you directly. Please contact us.


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