South Wales Mammal Group


The aim of the South Wales Mammal Group is to promote the study and conservation of the mammals of South Wales and their habitats. The group covers Gwent and Glamorgan, following the boundary of SEWBReC.

The group's objectives are:

  • Establish and develop recording, monitoring and research initiatives.
  • Support the National Mammal Atlas and enter all mammal records on to it.
  • Provide a forum for those interested in mammals in South Wales.
  • Raise awareness of South Wales’ mammals, their ecology and conservation needs
  • Carry out practical conservation tasks e.g. such as building otter holt and woodland management for dormice.
  • Provide training events for volunteers e.g. mammal identification, live trapping, track and signs etc.
  • Work in partnership with other relevant organisations.


The group can be found on Facebook.

If you would like to become a member for free and join the mailing list please email southwalesmammalgroup@gmail.com.

Provide your name, address, phone number/s and postal address. You will then recieve updates about events taking place, so you can get involved.

The committee

Chair: Liz Chadwick

Vice-chair: Sarah Perkins

Secretary: Lowri Watkins

Treasurer: Alex Pollard