Aderyn is LERC Wales' Biodiversity Information and Reporting Database, an online tool developed by the four Local Environmental Records Centres in Wales. The tool: 

- provides public access to wildlife data in Wales via two tools: 

- Distribution Maps for Wales wide maps of individual species

- What's In My Area? for species lists for any location in Wales

- provides quick and user friendly data search results for commercial customers such as ecological consultants;

- provides instant access to the whole database for partners such as Natural Resources Wales;

- provides data reports for individual planning applications to Unitary Authority staff*;

- provides instant access to relevant data for academics and specialist recorders.

*where an SLA exists

You can watch our online guides for more information about using Aderyn.


Please note, sensitive species information is not available via public tools on Aderyn, and publicly available information must not be used for commercial purposes.